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Nominet UK is the .uk domain name registry in the United Kingdom. Nominet also delivers the National Cyber Security Centre’s Protective Domain Name Service (PDNS) since 2016, protecting the UK public sector’s internet traffic. As of 15th September 2020, the .uk register held 10,829,109 .uk domain names which is on a downward trend but remains fourth largest ccTLD. Unlike many other ccTLD Nominet

A current employee shares his experience on, "Clueless executive leadership team at Nominet who actually have very little experience running a technology company. Company has no direction, constantly changing strategy which frustrates employees. Decision making is so complex and often involves execs who have absolutely no clue and add no value to the decision making process. Back stabbing, politically charged environment which is ridiculous for a 260 person company."


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Former Employee - Sales says

"An award-winning illusion of a great working environment"

Current Employee - Manager says

"It’s not often that I respond to Glassdoor as we haven’t used or participated in the platform much, but these comments are too acerbic to ignore. Recently we’ve changed our focus, stopped doing some things and dialing up what we do in other areas; this has meant changes for some and exciting new opportunities for others. Our growth and investment in the business overall means we are recruiting for a number of open roles. I really want to create a culture that's collaborative, ambitious and fun. At Nominet, we value people who can roll up their sleeves and deliver. Where we need to adapt to the market dynamics, we hope people can be flexible to adjust to changing circumstances. I fully understand that everyone will not agree with every decision taken, but as a dynamic business we are prepared to change tack when needed. Nominet connects people, businesses and governments to an internet that we help make more inclusive and secure. We aim to have a positive impact on society by improving the lives of over 1 million young people a year through our social technology initiatives, while also reducing our environmental impact. That’s awesome! And I’m very proud of the people here at Nominet that make that a reality. I have faith in my leadership team, the board and everyone here, which is why we’ve grown the business by 50% since 2016 and enjoy high employee engagement levels."

Current Employee - General Manager says

"Thanks for sharing what you think. We agree, the people are what makes Nominet so special. We consistently get feedback that we have a great bunch of people here. It is true that we are interested in commercial success, but not simply as an end in itself - we have an ambitious public benefit programme that hopes to help use technology to help improve 1 million young lives. For most people who join us, that’s really important. What’s also true is that we are busy meeting a variety of opportunities and challenges as we grow. Some people are stretched right now, and we are recruiting more people to address this. We want to keep improving here at Nominet, so If you would like to provide more feedback please email us at"

Former Employee - Analyst says

"Like to have a annual cull for no reason, just makes the C’team seem ‘powerful’. Over recruit regularly, just to give the HR team a reason for being so large. Thinks it is Google, but is closer to Alta Vista."

Former Employee - Junior DNS Engineer says

"Not even the slightest mistake is left without criticism"

Current Employee - Program Manager says

"Majority of my time is spent in meetings which are unproductive Workloads are excessive (partly due to volume of meetings that are on top of a heavy workload) Senior management sometimes forget to treat their teams with respect during difficult times (employees are only human and need encouragement and support to be at their best)"

C Cosmin says

"Take 2 times money from my Revolut, but error on website. Do not use !!! The worst!"

Paul Borroughs says

"Had a domain registered for nearly two decades, Companies House forced a name change, due to rule change 4 years after incorporation, Nominet cancel domain. Regained company name. Requested Nominet to reinstate domain. Didn't reply. Called a week or so later, advised don't offer this service anymore. Request list of authorised providers then (for they don't have one. Not fit for purpose."

Rob says

"They won't approve my domain name because my ID does not match with the country ID. Those people never heard of foreigners living in an other country. I am happy that the UK leaves Europe."

S30cayenne says

"My company received a domain renewal notice on Sunday 11th March. Nominet suspended our website and email by 10.30 the following morning 12th March without further notice. Completely outrageous behaviour from a high-handed, self-imposed bureaucracy. Nominet is a parasitical agency with whom we entered no contract. The only business they’re good for is apparently their own. No wonder the Lyons Review was so scathing of them and their response to that Review was a disgrace." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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